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 To create a complete ecosystem for the venture capital industry in MENA, by acting as a forum for knowledge exchange, networking, policy advocacy, and sustainable best practices in the region.

Why Does the Middle Eastern VC Community Need an Industry Body?

Responsible investment is instrumental to value creation. We offer support to the growing community and act as the hub for venture capital and private equity firms, international investors and other offices by providing a mechanism to measure, manage and mitigate risks. With the establishment and education of best practices within the region, we aim to accelerate the region's growth, presence and reputation to become a platform of innovation.


How Do We Achieve Our Mission?

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Community Networking

Creating and hosting regular events with regional and global thought leadership


Policy & Advocacy

Contributing to advancing policy agenda to encourage best practices by global standards, stimulating the venture capital ecosystem


Education & Advancement

Providing industry data & analysis, workshops & seminars & an Ecosystem Mentorship program by leading VC’s and global industry specialists

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